Friday, October 15, 2010

Nesian Mystik - Fresh Boyz Featuring Scribe

A while between drinks with my blogs but i come bearing gifts so hopefully you can look past it. Short and sweet here's the new vid from the nesians and scribe.....yeaaah boi

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Days of thunder meet Monster truck derby Nesian style

It's been a little while in the making, but we can now unveil to you our latest video. The concept came from songs concept of not wanting to come second in to win this girl. So with that in mind I approache Luke Sharp the director with a racing car enalogy and without needing to pitch he saw the concept. I was alittle nervous how we were going to pull this off with it easily being our ambitious work we're ever set out to achieve in front of the camera.

But with the relationship we had with Luke and the bond with the rest of the team there was a respected trust which can only come from seeing what quality he can really deliver. I mean if it was anyone else i was dealing with i wouldn't have had the kohuna's to dream of being able to achieve what the Bunker media team can deliver.

The next step in the process was Tarsh our stylist, this was beyond any other shoot we had ever done before because our clothes were really our only props.....everything else apart form a little box and the steering wheel were graphics. So it was so important that the gear was spot on. The look I requested for the bro's was a more leatherly look along the lines of a motor bike racer and Tarsh came with the idea's of different colours and characters. What she sourced was bloody amazing and she took the production on set to a whole new level. We had a bro who was on hand building stuff and altering the little box prop car we had.

It was important for me that we kept a simple storyline to accompany the race and commentators were a great idea Luke brought forward just adding to the whole drama and humour of the race atmosphere. Our good friends Nate & Jandals had been ribbing Donie for always saying he'd put him in a clip only for it never to happen, so when the commentator positions came up it was a no brainer. Their chemistry is a natural one and they were awesome as true to Nesian 101 principals we were running 3 hours behind schedule and they were so patient....true brofreshionals.

Obviously the post production and graphics were a massive part of the video and we had a great team that gave over and above of their talents to see this come to fruition. Our aim was to take Aotearoa video's to another level, as the financial crunch we felt had really affected what people were willing to try to achieve.

The single becomes available for purchase next week on the 15th. Without further adew hope you enjoy the vid check it out by clicking on this link below. file was to big to upload :)


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nesian Mystik [Feat MC Arme, Adeaze, 3HD, Silva, Indira] - Sun Goes Down...

I've had so many people ask me for this remix, well thanks to some random person that put it up on youtube i'm a hook you up.

This remix came together real quick, due simply because i felt the track touchs upon a few different styles of music which i thought would be cool to pursue in more depth. All the people who featured in the track are all artist i've been fan's of for a while now and was stoked we could finally get them on a track. It literally all came together in 4 days and thanks to Dmon our producer listening to my random requests we were able to complete it.

It's always a funny feeling when you do a remix cause it always raises the hard question of comparison to the original and the age old the remix better than the original? I don't really mind either way as it was so much fun to make. Seriously Adeaze are the most talented singer's i feel this country have ever producered but don't ask Keri TeKanawa cause she's a hater lol.

Hope you enjoy the remix....

Peace S

The re-up

Yeah doi we're back in your the hard word from various peeps that i was more than neglecting this page...but make no mistake it's a positive sign when things are that busy.

We could go on forever with the updates of the past few months but i guess the highlight is that we're coming up to that time again of releasing our next & final installment of the nesian collection. This by far has been the hardest project to select tracks for as we've had such a huge body of work to choice from.

In a nutshell we have completed the new video as of today and the track was serviced to radio Tuesday. When ever you drop a new track it's always a excitingly nervous time of what if's, we enjoy the process of making the music but we have our own tastes when it comes to the style and direction of the music......which isn't always reflective of where the audience is at. So that said the next track is our biggest step out of our comfort zone i think we've ever taken, that move was helped with the collboration of our good friend and producer Aigo from Yokohama Japan. This track was the only one produced outside of our camp, evolution of the music for me is what keeps us going and I know you can't appease everyone all the time.

Thanks to all those who supported Sun goes down, it was certified platnium about 3 weeks ago which is no small feat and as we prepare to take this next step with our solo projects these milestones are even more so appreciated.
Well that was a real brief re-up on a few point's i'm be dropping some more real soon.....for real :)
Peace S

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nesian's sign new deal and premier first single artwork off new album

Ok let’s skip across my belated updates with a swift “sorry about that” & bask in the many eventful things which have been going down in Nesiandom (you know like Maoridom, yes you read right).

On the label front, we’ve inked a new deal under our record label Arch Dynasty which has signed a distribution deal for NZ with Warner music. From this very exciting venture will flower both Nesian crew cuts as well as some exciting solo projects which are already bubbling away in the pipeline. Along with the announcement comes the realisation of the first Nesian record on our label Arch Dynasty. Hot off the press of the signing comes the first glimpse of the first single "Sacrifices" video photo's and art work, done by Lionel from the "Bay" his little girl was in our Mr mista clip.

Earlier in the year we hinted to what was to come collaborating with Japanese Hip hop star wise from the chart topping Japanese group Teriyaki boyz, who amongst others have worked with Kanye West, Pharrel, Busta Rhymes, JD, Timberland & currently have in the pipelines a track with needless to say Aotearoa hip hop is elevating things internationally. Wise was awesome, flew down here to NZ and was blown away by how passionate and active our local scene was. We hosted him around town and even made it out to the release of Tyson Tyler’s album launch (which is a tight album) via Breaknwreckwords posse. We fly over to Japan thanks to export NZ beginning of Nov so look for updates round then bout Wise and his crew.

These photos were taken from the shoot for the first single called “Sacrifice” featuring wise. First time we’ve recorded a track and shot the video in the same week....definite experience. Shout out to Bunker media and our director Luke Sharp who as always handled all the antics us Nesian’s throw at him, plus made a record for earliest shoot wrap in any Nesian video ever.....which incidentally now seats at 14. Thanks to NZ on Air that came through with supporting the video and also our stylist Tarsh who came through big time.

Sadly as everyone has spoken about for last month or so the Tsunami which struck Samoa affected many but thankfully the spirit of the nation and the support from NZ has been awesome to see. My Village lost 11 people so this hit home to be big time and alot of our communities. Part of assisting back in Sa is the financial aid & alongside the biggest names in NZ music we performed at Vector arena to over 10,000 Kiwi’s and collaboratively raised around a quarter of a million. To be a part of that was really satisfying and encouraging not to mention an historic occasion for a real cross field of nz music from past to present. Thanks must go out to Scribe, Teresa Patterson, Dawn Raid, Pacific music awards committee and so many others that made the event happen.

On another note the NZ music awards 09 just went down, a massive night had by all. It was good to catch up with heaps of old friends and funny to see people you don’t have a clue of how their connected to the music industry. If i was honest i didn’t think the overall performances were of a great quality but i was proud to see Smash Proof and savage picking up a number of the major awards.
Well consider yourself updated......we’re in oz next week for performances in Brizzy, Gold coast & Sydney but start the whole trip max’n & Relax’n in Melbourne. Also mid Nov we hit New York City, on all accounts it’s the Mecca of Hip hop and has been a place I’ve wanted to go since I started rhyming when I was a kid. Photos galore will be hitting this page & we have not forgotten about the last few free tracks we promised on our 10 track down load which celebrated our tenth top 10 single “RSVP”. If you are reading this from around the world our last album “Elevator Musiq” has now become available globally on iTunes so hook it up.
Peace S out

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sheding a little light on the track

What's good people?

Just a real brief post today as i'm away in Hawks bay having a bit of breather which doesn't happen to often.

The new track for free download is a bit of blast from the past, we wrote this track about how Aucklanders audiences are spoiled for choice when it comes to gets and can be less than enthusiastic at a gig. It's sad to admit but personally Welly and Dunedin are probably my favourite spots to perform as the crowd's know how to have a good time. We are snobs in Auckland when it comes to getting out and supporting concerts and shows so this track was inspired by the epthony that the best crowds generally are out of town from your local haunt. On that note if your trying to book us to play in your town email our booking agent on : .

We were going through a funny phase when writing this track, still kind of caught up in thinking to much rather than just writing. It's actually one of my favourite tracks cause for the first time we started to explore a bit of funk, as well as begin to play around with recording techniques hence the BV's are way active.

Just a reminder these free tracks are just our way of saying thank you to all the people that have had a part in helping us get through the past few years and enabled to create history with the 10 top 10 singles. If you enjoy the tracks....check out our album "Elevator musiq"'s a quality album if we do say so ourselves.

Before i go a few congrats are in order

*Firstly to J Williams, our RnB prince at the moment breaking that exclusive top 5 in the album charts. Last night me and Oldwun attended his launch which was a dope night with your usual suspects PNC, King Kapisi, Smash Proof, Dawn raid and of course the Illegal Musik team.

*Secondly P Money, it may come as a shock to most of you (dedicated nesian bloggers) but there are other blogs other than my own one of which is money. Next to Kirks MTC blog I really enjoy watching moneys blog as it's an awesome insight in to the hectic business the man runs well. After having really successful progress in the U.K Money announced he's doing the big move there. So from the nesian fam we wish him all the best and know it's another house to crash on the floor when we're in the U.K. Aotearoa hip hop's small but we're good like that expanding and bringing the team through.

Well til next time Peace and give me your feedback on what you think of this track.

P.S- Before any one points it out, yes i know the title is the o-ficial spelling of the word but it's hip hop there are no spelling rules, in fact we are encouraged in the new school to spell incorrectly for effect......keeps the street creed flowin.

West coast funk meets some disappointed nesians traveling the country and realising their home crowd ain't as good as else where :( produced by DMON. (MASTER).mp3

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nesian & OZ collaboration download free

Sup peepz

Sorry been a bit of a gap in the addition of tracks but we're close to finalising things for the first single off the new album so bare with me. The track this week is a collaboration with an OZ crew the turnstyle puppets....good dudes, they flew over a while back to jam with us and we knocked out 2 tracks in one day.

The track "school up", started with the beat produced by Dmon. In the nesian volts are hundreds of beats we've never used, most of the time their not even cause their bad it's just not the mood when in for writing at the time or we don't have a strong concept. This was one of those times, me and dmon opened the volt of beats and had a listen through and came across this one. Straight away i was feeling it, so me and Dmon started jamming different hooks....the eventual hook being a mash of a few of those options. The tracks basically about style and schooling the competition with our own kind of swagger if you will.

The Turnstyle bro's are top blokes, who had a real appreciation of aotearoa hip hop and don't tell no body but they seemed like kiwi's on the inside. We're hoping to bridge the tasman gap even more this year and are looking to do more oz collab's, so keep an ear out. There should be another track up shortly care of Notiq......

Shout out's to grey mouth where we performed last people. Also massive congrats and kudos to J williams and the whole illegal musik team hitting not only top 5 with his debut album "young love" in it's first week but also the extremely big hit "Stand with you" feautring his big sis Lavina debuting at 13 on the singles chart. My good mate N.O.X does the production for J so i got to hear the track at the begining of the year and I was convinced then that "Stand with you" would be huge and cross J to mainstream stardom. On a side note Lavina Williams was in a group called Mavelle and Nesian's very own Oldwun was their biggest fan, i kid you not. So to see Lavina return to the charts is real dope as it was once us watching her career as fans. Aotearoa hip hop's going to have quite a year to the way my cuz st. Janera is also on the horizon of breaking through with his debut single "shine" and when it drops you'll be the first to hear it right here.

Peace S Up.mp3

Nesian and Turnstyle Puppets. Holla!